Thai Pasta

Thai Pasta

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Ingredient ( 2 servings )

Taste Nirvana Premium fish sauce 15g

Shrimp or crab paste 15g (1tbs)
Meat 90g (your choice of deveined shrimps, gourmet sausage, salmon, etc)

Mushroom 100g ( your choice)
Tomato 100g (cut into small pieces or, if you are using cherry tomatoes, cut the in half)
Bell pepper 150g (mixed color; cut to diced)
Basil leaves 30g
Kaffir lime leaves 3-4
Dried crushed red chili 1-2g

Italian pasta 110g

Garlic 8 cloves (chopped)
Fresh chili 3 (chopped to small pieces )
Grated Parmesan Cheese 10g
Cilantro 2 pieces (for garnish)

Oil 5tbs


Prep Time:
5 Minutes
Cook Time:
5 Minutes

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made Thai Pasta!

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1) Start Cooking

Prepare some boiling water in a large bowl (pot).
Grab some salt and put it in the water.
Place the pasta in the center of the bowl and release it. It will spread evenly in the bowl.
Cook pasta only for 70% of the instructed time on the package. This makes pasta aldante.
Occasionally stir and when it’s done drain the pasta with cold water then set aside.

Next, put a large sauce pan on the stove. And bring it to HIGH heat.

Add the cooking oil into the pan.

Add the chopped garlic and stir it for a few seconds to bring the flavor .

Add the chopped chili.

Add Pantai Shrimp Paste. (If you prefer, you can use Pantai crab paste instead.)

Add shrimp into the pan and stir them.

Add Taste Nirvana Premium FISH SAUCE.

Add bell peppers.

And mushrooms in and stir the ingredients together.

Make sure Shrimp shells turn into a REDDISH color.

Add pasta in

Add cut tomatoes

Add basil leaves. (Make sure you rinse them beforehand)

Add dried crushed red chili ( add more or less if you want to change the spiciness)

Mix all ingredients.

Add Parmesan cheese and stir everything together to finish.

For quick tips: When you add kaffir lime leaves, make sure to tear or break them into small pieces, in order to bring a nice smell.

0/5 (0 Reviews)
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