Thai Egg Roll

Thai Egg Roll

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Black pepper (1 tbsp)
Pantai Mushroom soy sauce(3 tbsp)
Taste Nirvana Premium fish sauce (3 tbsp)

Prawn (10 pieces (devein and cut into small pieces))
Ground pork (1 lbs)
Eggs (5)

Shiitake Mushrooms (6) (cut into small pieces)
Dried black fungus (35 gram) (soak in water, drain and cut into small pieces)
Dried Glass Noodle (100 grams, soak in water, cut with scissors in water then drain)

Bean Sprouts(1 lbs)
Cilantro (1 bunch) (cut to small pieces)

Spring Roll skin (1 pack – 8 inch x 8 inch, open package and separate the skins)

Flour paste (mix equal parts of flour and water)
Vegetable Oil for fry


Prep Time:
10 Minutes
Cook Time:
15 Minutes

Congratulations! You just made Thai Egg Rolls! Be sure to enjoy with the dipping sauce. FYI – This is a great dish for snacks and appetizers.

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Step 1 : Prepare ingredients

Cut Cilantro, Green onion and fungus into small pieces

Take Shitake mushroom stubs, slice and cut them into small pieces.

Cut prawn until they became paste like texture.

Cut water-soaked glass noodle and drain them.

Step 2 : Mix Ingredients

Bring a large bowl.
(Use plastic gloves or very clean hands)

Put the ground pork in the bowl.

Break the eggs.

Add black peppers into the bowl.

Add 3 table spoons of Pantai Mushroom Soy sauce.

And add 3 table spoons of Taste Nirvana Premium Fish Sauce.

Add Prawns and mix them.

Add Mushrooms, black fungus, and green onions.

Add Cilantro, but use only 1/2 of the amount. (We need to keep the other 1/2 for the dipping sauce.)

Now, mix everything together.

Add glass noodles and bean sprouts.

Step 3 : Make flour paste.

This flour paste acts like a glue to seal egg roll wraps.

Add water to flour. Mix them. As you need, add more water to get coating consistency.

Step 4 : Make the dipping sauce

Bring a medium pan and heat it up.

Add Taste Nirvana’s Gramma Sweet Chili Sauce into the pan.

Add the same amount of water.

Mix them and add the other half of cilantro.

Step 5 : Roll the egg rolls

Take out egg roll pastry from the case.
(The paper is stuck together. Carefully peal each sheet and put them on the plate)

Use the flat and smooth surface like a clean table or cutting board.
Place the sheet and one of its edges pointing towards you.

Put the mix slightly off center towards you.

Take the edge closest to you, and wrap over the mix and tighten the roll.
Roll slightly forward and hold the top of the roll.

Fold one corner and opposite corner to the center and roll forward

Apply the flour paste glue on the end edge, and roll all the way to complete a wrap.

Step 6 : Fry the egg rolls.

Bring a deep pan or pot with vegetable oil.

Heat it up to medium heat.

Do NOT use high heat. If you use high heat, oil quickly burns outside of the roll and it doesn’t cook inside well.

Add egg rolls into the oil. Place it away from you.

Occasionally move them around.

Fry for 15 minutes or until the rolls turn GOLD or light brown.

When it is ready, take them out and hold over the pan for few seconds, in order to let the remaining oil drip off.

Place the roll on the dish, and cover with a paper towel.

Cut the rolls at an angle. The rolls are very hot, so be careful and use a paper towel to hold them while cutting.

5/5 (2 Reviews)
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