Pork and Boiled Eggs with Coconut Water

Pork and Boiled Eggs with Coconut Water

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(2 Servings)
2 teaspoons of Taste Nirvana Premium Fish Sauce
2 teaspoons of Pantai Mushroom Soy Sauce
some cilantro
2 clove of garlic
(one is finely chopped. The other one is peeled)

1 pound of pork cut into 1 inch pieces
4 boiled eggs
1 Can of Taste Nirvana coconut water
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
Some black pepper


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Step 1 : Prepare  Ingredients

  1. Cut the pork into 1 inch pieces.
    Then put them in a bowl.

  2. Peel the skin from 1 clove of garlic.

  3. Crush or mince the clove and put it in the bowl.

  4. Add 2 table spoons of Taste Nirvana Premium Fish Sauce in the bowl.

  5. Mix the sauce and the pork.

  6. And marinate them for over 1 hour

Step 2 : Start Cooking

  1. Bring a medium pan medium heat.

  2. Add 1 table spoon of vegetable oil.

  3. Add the marinated pork into the pan.

  4. Fry them till they turn whitish color.

  5. Add 2 cups of water.

  6. Turn high heat. and Remove scum if needed

  7. Add the whole can of Taste Nirvana Coconut Water into the pan.

  8. Add 1 clove of peeled garlic.

  9. Add 4 boiled eggs

  10. Place the lid.

  11. Change the heat to low and Cook for about 1 hour.

  12. Let it boil to evaporate some water. cook until the water level goes down about 1/3 of the original amount.

  13. Remove the lit and cook for 10 ~ 15 minutes.

  14. Add Pantai Mushroom Soy Sauce.

  15. And serve on a plate and put some cilantro on top as a garnish.

  16. Sprinkle some black pepper.

Congratulations! You just made Pork and Boiled Eggs with Coconut Water! This is a great dish with some Jasmine rice. You can eat all day long! Enjoy with Tastenirnva’s Real Coconut Water!

0/5 (0 Reviews)
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