Chicken with Basil | Pad Ka Pao Gai Recipe

Chicken with Basil | Pad Ka Pao Gai Recipe

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(2 Servings)
1tbs. of Taste Nirvana’s Premium Fish sauce
1 tbs. of Taste Nirvana’s Oyster sauce
2 tbs. of Vegetable oil

1/2 a lb of Ground chicken
2~3 pieces of Thai chilli – pounded (if you like hot, slice them)
25 g. Thai basil leaves
2~3 pc. of Garlic – chop them in small pieces
3 pc. of pimento (any color is fine)- slice them.

2 fried eggs- make sure yolks are still liquid

For garnish: 50 g. deep fried basil leaves


Prep Time:
5 Minutes
Cook Time:
10 Minutes

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Step 1 : Preparation – Pre-cook some ingredients

  1. Cook 2 fried eggs. Make sure the yolks remain soft.

  2. Chop Thai Chili in 1 inch pieces. Keep the piece big enough to remove from the dish later.

  3. Deep fry some basil leaves to make the texture crispy.

Step 2 : Start Cooking

  1. Heat vegetable oil in a wok over high heat.

  2. Add the Chopped Thai Chlli

  3. Add the garlic

  4. Stir slightly to add some color and bring the aroma

  5. Add sliced pimento and stir for a few seconds

  6. Add the grounded chicken. When you stir the chicken, don’t break them down too much. Keep them in chunky pieces.

  7. Cook for a few seconds. You will begin to see some water come out of the meat

  8. Add Taste Nirvana’s premium fish sauce

  9. Add Pantai Oyster Sauce

  10. And add basil leaves ….. stir lightly and finish. (don’t cook the leaves too long or they will become soggy)

Step 3 : Serve

  1. Place some rice on a plate.

  2. Scoop finished chicken basil over the rice.

  3. Add deep fried basil leaves on top.

  4. Add fried egg on top.

Congratulations! You just made Chicken with Basil (Pad Ka Pao Gai)! This is a very simple and greatly common home dish in Thailand!

0/5 (0 Reviews)
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