Young Coconut Juice

Front Image of Young Coconut Juice Glass Bottle
9.5 fl oz | 280 ml
Glass Bottle (100% Recylable)
Nutrition Facts of Young Coconut Juice Glass Bottle

Contain 90% Juice
Coconut Juice, Coconut Meat, Natural Cane Sugar, Sodium, Metabisulfite (E223) (As Anti-oxidant).

Please shake well as product may contain natural sediment

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Our uniquely fragrant coconuts are harvested from Thailand’s famous groves. Ideal soil and weather conditions make them grow more naturally sweet here. than anywhere else in the world.

We simply do not skimp on quality. We hand-select from perfectly timed harvests fro the most flavroful coconuts. You can absolutely taste the difference!

Image of selecting young coconut
Coconut Water Producing Process
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