Authentic Thai Tea
Bottle of real Thai Tea Latte

Real Thai Tea Latte

SKU: 11259806046
9.5 fl oz | 280 ml
Glass Bottle (100% Recylable)
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What makes this special:

  • Thai Tea Brewed In House
  • Tea Leaves From Chang Mai
  • Real Authentically Thai Tea

Thai Tea is the most popular, refreshing, and tasty drink served in Thai restaurants all over the world.

Spiced with anise seed, our native-grown red-leafed tea is harvested from the lush mountains of Chiang Mai and blended with milk and natural cane sugar. We make it exactly as they do in Thailand & put in a cool glass bottle for your convenience so you can enjoy real. Thai Tea anytime, anywhere.

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Contain: Soy and Milk

Ingredients: Brewed Thai Tea(Water, Thai Tea), Natural Cane Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder


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