Special Flavors
Front Face of Coconut Water with Passion Fruits

Real Coconut Water / Passion Fruit Juice

SKU: TN90649
9.5 fl oz | 280 ml
Glass Bottle (100% Recylable)
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What makes this special:

  • Eat the Delicious Seeds!
  • Sweet Thai Coconuts
  • Not From Concentrate
  • Premium Coconuts

We’ve spiked our heavenly coconut water with Passion Fruit Juice AND Seeds – exactly like Mother Nature intends for your to enjoy them! 

The totally edible, crunchy seeds are POWERHOUSES of vitality – deliciously good for you & not to be missed in the luscious combination.

you can buy happiness!

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Contains 90% Juice

Ingredients: Coconut Water, Coconut Essence, Passion Fruit Pulp, Less Than 1% Fruit Sugar

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