Real Coco Aloe
Front Label Image of Real Coco Aloe 16 fl oz can

Real Coco Aloe Can

SKU: TN90429
16.2 fl oz | 480 ml
BPA-Free Can

What makes this special:

  • Yummy Aloe Vera Bits
  • Sweet Thai Coconuts
  • Not From Concentrate
  • Premium Coconuts

We’re proud of our Coco Aloe – You won’t find this fantastic combination from anyone else! Unlike many others, we simply blend Aloe Vera with our Real Coconut Water. Enjoy the delicious benefits of Aloe Vera, as Mother Nature would want you to.

Swetly crisp and refreshing – every TASTE NIRVANA offering we bring to you is always approved by the experienced taste buds from our multi-generational Thai family business. Drink Happiness!

you can buy happiness!

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Contain 90% Juice.
Ingredients: Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Coconut Essence, Less Than 1% Fruit Sugar.

Variation is (more than) normal in nature. While still delicious, this coconut water may yellow over time as it is a natural product.

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