Grama’s Sweet Chili Sauce

Taste Nirvana Grama's Swet Chili Sauce
13 fl oz | 360g
Glass Bottle (100% Recylable)


My Grandma Suree raised me when I was very young. Running around her house in Thailand, there was always the wonderful smell of her Sweet Chilli Sauce.The whole town loved to it with BBQ chicken. And we would always find new foods to eat her sauce with. It worked really well as a dipping sauce for chicken bbq, egg rolls, veggies, and even french fries.


Now, not only enjoyed in Thailand, people around the world especially in Europe & Austrialia have fallen in love with her sauce. It has been a big part of October Fest in Germany for years.


Try it now! all of your party guest will love my Gramas’s Sauce as much as I do.


Kris Wattanaporn

Nutrition Facts of Taste Nirvana Grama's Swet Chili Sauce

Ingreditents: Water, Cane Sugar, Fructose, Red Chilli, Venegar, Carlic, Tapioca, Starch, Acetic Acid, Salt.

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