Coconut Water with Probiotic 180 ml

Front Face of HPP Coconut Water with Probiotic
6.0 fl oz | 180 ml
PET Bottle
  • Probiotics
  • Great Taste
  • Gluten Free

Coconut water dynamically meets probiotics! Our Coco K-Fir is made from our award – winning real coconut water, handcrafted live cultures, and a touch of fresh coconut nectar. ​A handcrafted living food beverage, flavor, aroma and culture count may vary from batch to batch. May provide beneficial nutritional support for digestive and immune systems.* 

Truly revitalizing & approved by the experienced taste buds from our multi-generational Thai family business.

Drink Happiness!

Nutrition Facts of HPP Coconut Water with Probiotic

Perishable. Keep Refrigerated.

4 Strains of Probiotics

Ingredients: Coconut Water, Fruit Sugar, Probiotic Cultures(L.casei, L. paracasei, L. Lactis and Leuconostoc ssp.).

HPP Technology


We want to provide tasting coconut water with nutrients and freshness for you!

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Press Pause

Freezing fruits and vegetables within hours of being harvested retains nutrints and locks in freshness. It's like hitting pause on nature.
Picked At Peak Ripeness

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Picked At Peak Ripeness

Fruits and vegetables destined for freezing are picked when nutrients are flavor are at their max.
Frozen On The Farm

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Frozen on The Farm

Flash-freezing within 24 hours of harvesting locks in freshness.
Chills In Your Freezer

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Chills in Your Freezer

Frozen foods stay just as fresh as they were the day they were picked, even months later

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Our uniquely fragrant coconuts are harvested from Thailand’s famous groves. Ideal soil and weather conditions make them grow more naturally sweet here. than anywhere else in the world.

We simply do not skimp on quality. We hand-select from perfectly timed harvests fro the most flavroful coconuts. You can absolutely taste the difference!

Coconut Water Producing Process
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