Real Coconut Water

Our AUTHENTICITY and AWARD WINNING TASTE sets us apart. Sweetly crisp and refreshing-every TASTE NIRVANA offering we bring to you is always approved by the experienced taste buds from our multi-generational Thai family business. Drink Happiness!

Chilled Products

Our innovative chilled line of delicious fresh tasting products.

Freezing fruits and vegetables within hours of harvest will retain and lock in their freshness. It’s like hitting pause on nature!

Coco Aloe

You won’t find this fantastic combination from anyone else! Unlike many others, we simply blend Aloe Vera with our Real Coconut Water.

Thai Tea | Authentic Recipe

Thai Tea is the most popular, refreshing, and tasty drink served in Thai resturants all over the world.

Spiced with anise seed, our native – grown black Tea is havested from the lush mountain of Chiang Mai and blended with milk and natural cane sugar.

Thai Coffee | Authentic Recipe​

Before making the best coconut water you’ve ever tasted, Taste Nirvana has been producing the most authentic Thai Coffee for you to enjoy for decades.

The coffee beans we use are authentically Thai and from the famous mountain region in Chang Mai, northern Thailand.

Sauce | Authentic Recipe

My Grandma Suree raised me when I was very young. Running around her house in Thailand, there was always the wonderful smell of her Sweet Chilli Sauce.The whole town loved to it with BBQ chicken. And we would always find new foods to eat her sauce with. It worked really well as a dipping sauce for chicken bbq, egg rolls, veggies, and even french fries.

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