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Multigeneration-Thai-Roots It’s Family Thing!

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A true family endeavor, Taste Nirvana has 2 generations of a Thai foodie family at the helm.

Taste Nirvana was created by father-son team – Jack & Kris Wattanaporn – to share their love of Thailand’s flavors.

Before immigrating to the U.S. to lay down roots, Jack grew up in Thailand where for hundreds of years, coconut water has been as loved and familiar a hydration beverage as orange juice is in the U.S.

Kris was born in the U.S. where he developed a knowledge for natural, healthy foods.

Together they moved back to Thailand to be as close as possible to the natural source, and built Taste Nirvana in the heart of Thailand’s Nakorn Pathom region – a fertile area renowned for its abundant coconut groves and naturally sweet crops.

For the past 35 years, our Thai foodie family has been devoted to bringing the best quality Thai coconut water, teas, and coffees to market throughout the world.

For over three generations we have been committed to being green in every way possible. We are proud of our Sustainable-Wood-For-Fuel which helps supply responsible natural-energy. One of our main plant hallmarks is our eco-conscious natural water treatment system. Waste water materials are naturally removed through biological process by running wastewater through our aquatic plants, so that the converted water may be safely returned to the environment. It’s way to be green when you are committed!

The foundation and core principle of Taste Nirvana is built on a never ending promise to bring your family the best tasting Thai beverages using the freshest and most premium ingredients in the most natural and eco-friendly way possible.

We look forward to sharing our products with you.

Taste Nirvana Coconut Waters are produced by our multi-generational Thai family in the heart of Thailand’s coconut farmland named Nakhon Pathom. This beautiful province is known for it’s premium fragrant sweet coconuts and is agriculturally developed with modern high quality practices. We work closely with our farming partners that value our high standards, which would strictly prohibit the use of monkeys to harvest our coconuts.

Multi Generational Thai Root Images
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