What to Make With Coconut Water

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What to Make With Coconut Water

Our award-winning coconut water is delicious as a stand-alone beverage but people often wonder what to make with coconut water. As we know, coconut water is a multi-use product. Coco water pairs and combines well with a number of meals, sides and baked goods. So we narrowed it down to some of our favorites.

Below are foods and meals to make when you’re wondering what to make with coconut water.

1. Chicken or Beef

Coconut water is a great base for grilling and for marinating. The next time you are marinating chicken or meat, use coconut water mixed with a few of your favorite spices to create a tender and flavor-filled protein. If you’re feeling adventurous try this coconut water-infused chicken wing recipe from Food & Wine.

2. Smoothies

Who doesn’t love a smoothie post-workout or for breakfast? Swap that almond milk or water for coconut water and you’ll be super impressed. Coconut water adds more volume than traditional water but gives a lighter feel than milk or milk-like products. And let’s not forget the hint of coconut flavor. Need a smoothie recipe? We love this banana bread-inspired smoothie made with coconut water from Green Blender.

3. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are making a comeback. Chia seed pudding is becoming a staple for breakfast and dessert…and it’s even more delicious when you throw coconut water into the recipe. Use a little bit of coconut water in the base to add that splash of coconut flavor. Experiment with this tasty and simple chia seed pudding recipe from Goop.

4. Popsicles

The best summer treats around? Popsicles…specifically ones made with pure coconut water. Pour Taste Nirvana into popsicle molds and throw in some of your favorite fruits like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or orange slices. Once you get them out of the freezer you’ll be shocked at the beauty and deliciousness of this super simple treat. Try this Coconut Agave Pop recipe when you’re looking to take your treats to the next level.

5. Rice

Rice is the perfect companion to almost any meal. Cooking rice involves using a lot of water, but have you ever tried swapping it with coconut water? Adding coconut water to the mix of making rice will add some of the hydrating benefits from coconut water to the rice and adds a punch of flavor. Using coconut water to make rice is specifically delicious for lime rice, curry rice, jasmine rice and even Thai noodles. Start simple with this Jasmine rice recipe from The Spruce Eats.

6. Overnight Oats

Who doesn’t want breakfast already prepared when they wake up? That’s where overnight oats are a huge help when it comes to busy mornings. What makes them even better? Coconut water! You may still want to use a more creamy base to keep the oats from running but tossing in about a ¼ cup of coconut water adds the perfect splash of flavor. Check out these overnight oats recipes from Green Press to spark the inspiration.

The next time you’re curious about what to make with coconut water give one of these foods a try. Do you use coconut water to make any food item that’s not on the list? Let us know on our latest Instagram post. We love to hear what your thoughts are on the topic of what to make with coconut water.

Taste Nirvana is a family-owned company that spans across three generations of a Thai family. Taste Nirvana has been an innovative force in the coconut water industry and has created a variety of coconut water flavors, including: Original Real Coco, Coco Pulp, Coco Aloe, Coco Passion (with Passion Fruit Juice & Seeds), Coco Matcha, and Coco Coffee. Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water is gathered at the source in Thailand’s famous coconut grove region, and bottled within hours of harvest.

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