Q&A with Mom Blogger Kristen Hale of Oy Kristen

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Q&A with Mom Blogger Kristen Hale of Oy Kristen

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As the family-owned company that makes your favorite family-friendly beverage, we want to highlight the real families that use our products. Kicking off our Q&A series is mom blogger Kristen Hale of Oy Kristen. Her blog features recipes, travel highlights, family insights and everything about motherhood. Kristen lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two sons. And did we mention they’re huge fans of our beloved coconut water?

Learn more about Kristen in our Q&A below!

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Q&A with Kristen Hale of Oy Kristen

How many kids do you have? Age(s)?

I have two sons – Everett is 3 and Daxton is 17 months.

Three words to describe life as a mom:

Messy, Happy, Silly.

Favorite activity as a family:

We live in a community where there is more golf cart mileage than road mileage (yes, really!), so our favorite family activity consists of joy riding on our golf cart! We usually pack snacks and drive from park to park, trying out all the slides and swings and obstacles around town. My husband Stevie usually packs a frisbee or two as well, so we are teaching the boys how to play frisbee at the park, as well. It’s so much fun! As a busy mom, why is having a go-to nutritional drink like Taste Nirvana beneficial? Like I mentioned above – my family is super active! These boys don’t sit still and are happiest when we let them run and play. If I’m not prepared with healthy snacks for them (and let’s be honest, for me!), then we end up having to run through a drive through. And sometimes we do – no mom shame in that! But my preference is to keep healthy snacks and drinks on hand so that I know we can be on the go and still best support their health & development. As a busy mom, having a couple of Taste Nirvana drinks in my diaper bag (and in the car! and golf cart!) helps ensure that my boys are staying hydrated and fueled properly – no one has time for dehydration! What makes Taste Nirvana different than other drinks you’ve tried? To be completely honest with you – it just tastes better. We’ve been coconut water drinkers for years because I love the natural potassium and electrolytes found in coconut water (which makes it super hydrating!) However my kids haven’t loved the taste of other coconut water brands, so I would usually try to hide the taste by mixing it with juice or blending it into a smoothie. But Taste Nirvana coconut water has a sweeter, richer taste – and my family prefers great taste over bland taste!

A family photo of Hale
Kristen Hale and Her family

At Taste Nirvana, we’re all about finding Happiness Inside. What brings you the most happiness? Haha, such a great motto – I’m all about happiness inside, too! Truthfully though, being with my kids is so much fun and brings me enormous joy. I am really, really grateful to be a mom and I am loving this stage of life. Watching my kids grown and learn and laugh and play and be silly is so incredibly satisfying and it lets me know that all the hard work of being a mom is totally worth it.

Any advice to other moms on how to stay healthy/active on busy days:

My best advice to other mamas (and to myself!) on how to stay healthy and active is to stay flexible! Trying to fit in a proper workout for yourself can be really difficult, but if you surrender your “perfect” workout in lieu of having your kids join you, it can actually be fun and beneficial for all of you! One of my favorite new workout practices is taking my kids on a jog in the double stroller and letting my older son hop out of the stroller and run with me! When he gets tired, he hops back in and snuggles up to his brother, and we all win! Activities like this really help me incorporate my kids into my plans, while prioritizing our time together over getting in the “perfect” gym workout.

 Thank you for your insights Kristen!

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