How Is Coconut Water Harvested?

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How Is Coconut Water Harvested?

With its refreshing flavor and hydrating benefits, coconut water has become a favorite beverage around the globe. With its natural, plant-based roots it may leave you wondering, how is coconut water harvested in the first place? Specifically, coconut water that’s as fresh as Taste Nirvana.

Coconut water harvesting begins in nature itself. Taste Nirvana specifically harvests premium Nam Hom coconuts from groves in Thailand’s famous coconut region. We work closely with farming partners that value our high standards, which contributes to the area by developing employment opportunities for the surrounding communities/families.

These farmers gather the fresh, green coconuts from trees and coconuts that have recently fallen to the ground. Farmers use a bamboo pole with a blade on the end to gather the fresh coconut bunches. This pole pruner is used to cut around the stems where the coconut bunch is attached to the tree. One bunch of coconuts can have multiple stems to cut through. Once cut, the coconuts fall and then are moved through nearby irrigation canals.

After moving through these canals, the coconuts are then hand-loaded into vehicles to be transported to the Taste Nirvana facility nearby. Taste Nirvana values the quality of the raw ingredient, which is why we made sure to build our eco-friendly plant right in the renown coconut grove region of Thailand so that we can pack within hours of harvest.

At Taste Nirvana, coconut water is bottled using both premium and pure glass bottles and BPA-free aluminum cans. Using glass and BPA-free cans prevents the aftertaste that comes with using tetra paper pak or steel cans.

We value quick, safe and eco-friendly coconut water harvesting at Taste Nirvana. Coconut water harvesting is a fascinating and interesting process to know about. So the next time you’re asked, “how is coconut water harvested?” you’ll know the answer.

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