History of Coconut Water

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History of Coconut Water

We see coconut water at the store, on TV and in just about every influencer Instagram feed. Coconut water is a staple for cooking, hydration and is even often found as an ingredient in the latest beauty trend. In short: coconut water has stepped into a variety of roles as it has grown in popularity over the past decade. However, the history of coconut water extends beyond today’s culture and back thousands of years. Let’s step back in time and look at how today’s coconut water market came to be.

History’s Hydration Secret

Tropical locations around the world have known about coconut water hydration abilities for thousands of years. Warriors, hunters and farmers in the tropics have been drinking coconut water for years. (1) Coconut water has even been recorded in some remote regions of the world as a replacement for traditional IV fluids to hydrate medical patients when saline was running low. (2)

Harvesting Process:

Coconut palms are produced throughout the year, and the yield varies from season to season. A normal bearing coconut palm produces a single bunch at a time. A coconut tree grown in the proper conditions can produce up to 50 coconuts annually. (3) Taste Nirvana specifically harvests premium Nam Hom coconuts from groves in Thailand’s famous coconut region. The company works closely with farming partners that value high standards, which also contributes to the area by developing employment opportunities for the surrounding families. The coconuts are farmed and then transported to a coconut water plant where the water is extracted from the coconut.

Nutritional Value:

Coconut water can be a great source of hydration, making it a go-to post workout drink for coco water fans. After a hard-hitting workout a lot of the body’s essential minerals that keeps you going are lost in sweat, minerals like sodium, potassium and chloride. So not only have you sweated out water, you sweated out minerals, making it important to get back those electrolytes and hydrate. That’s where coconut water can help. Because this tasty drink is mostly made up of water containing electrolytes, it’s a great alternative to drinks with added sugar.

Coconut water is packed with potassium as well.(4) Most major fluids of the body require large amounts of potassium to function, and 90% of the body’s potassium lies within the cellular walls.(5)

Coconut Water Today

In recent years, coconut water has skyrocketed in popularity. The product is still relatively new considering it’s been packed for the mainstream market for only about 15 years. From 2004 to 2009, the coconut water industry went from nearly non-existent to around $35 million. (6) Since then, the growth and love for coconut water has continued. In 2015, the industry was worth $778 million in the U.S. alone and the projection for 2018 is at $1.5 billion. (7) The number of coconut water brands have also increased with this rise in popularity. Not all brands pride themselves on using Thailand’s finest coconuts. Taste Nirvana is one of the rare privately-owned, family-owned coconut water companies to have built a plant right in Thailand’s coconut groves for a quick, pure and flavorful bottling process that ensures great taste.

There has also been an exciting uptick in the variety of coconut water flavors. Taste Nirvana has released a multitude of spin-off flavors to add to their premium coconut water selection. This includes coconut water infused with matcha, passion fruit, aloe vera, coffee and fresh coconut pulp.

Now that you know a little more about the history of coconut water, it’s time to jump in and try your first bottle. We like to say each bottle has happiness inside, and who doesn’t want to feel happy? Feel free to look at our line of products, or leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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