How We Make Products

How We Make Products

Taste Is Paramount To Us

Fragrant Thai Nam Hom Coconuts

​All coconuts are not created equal. Taste Nirvana uses Premium Coconuts.

Harvested at their peak flavor and nutrition (when the water and meat composition are in perfectly balanced) and then bottled within hours – this is why Taste Nirvana Pure Coconut Water is the ultimate in taste and quality.

*Premium Coconuts
*Not from concentrate & no preservatives
*Small batches packed within hours of opening – MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE

  1. Famous Thai Coconut Trees
  2. Fresh Pure Coconut Water
  3. We Bottle Within Hours of Harvest (Makes a HUGE Difference)
  4. Only the Best Coes In Here
  5. From Our Family to Yours
  6. Share Coconut Goodnesswith the World
Coconut Water Producing Process
Cocoza Face Front Image
Front Label Image of Real Coconut Water with Plup glass bottle
Front Face of Coconut Water with Pulp Can
Real Coco Aloe 9.5 fl oz bottle
Front Label Image of Real Coco Aloe 16 fl oz can
Front Label Image of Real Coconut Water 9.5 fl oz glass bottle
Face of Real Coconut Water Small Can
Front Image of Real Coconut Water 16 fl oz can
Front Image of Real Coconut Water Big 23 fl oz Bottle
Tetra Pak Real Coconut Water

Authentic Recipe Thai Tea - Bestselling in the USA

This is how Taste Nirvana made our mark – making the most authentic Thai beverages available in America.

Thai Tea – is the most popular, refreshing, and tasty drink served in Thai restaurants all over the world.

​Spiced with anise seed, our native-grown black tea is harvested from the lush mountains of Chang Mai. Our tea partner was been mixing and spicing our Thai Tea for over 65 years.

Green Tea – our handpicked & carefully processed Green Tea comes from a small natural farm in Northern Thailand which provides you with the full health benefits of this wonderful healing plant.

  1. Tea Tree
  2. Tea
  3. Tea Extract
  4. Mixing
  5. Filling
  6. Label
  7. Pack
  8. Export Yumminess to the world
Taste Nirvana Tea Products Production workflow illustration
Thai Tea Candy Box
Front Face of Thai Tea Mini Can
Bottle of real Thai Tea Latte
Front label of Taste Nirvana Thai Tea 9.5 Glass Bottle
Front label of Taste Nirvana Thai Tea 16 oz can
Front label of Taste Nirvana Thai Tea 25 fl oz Bottle

Rich Thai Coffee

Before making the best coconut water you’ve ever tasted, Taste Nirvana has been producing the most authentic Thai Coffee Lattes for you to enjoy for decades. The coffee beans we use are authentically Thai and from the famous mountain region in Chang Mai, northern Thailand.

  1. Thai Coffee
  2. Fresh Coffee Beans
  3. Coffee Roasting
  4. Coffee Extract
  5. Mixing
  6. Filling
  7. Label
  8. Pack
  9. Export Deliciousness to the world
The process of how we make coffee products.
Front Face of Thai Coffee Authentic Recipe Can
Front Bottle of Real Thai Coffee Latte

We are a green company!

We are committed to build our business as  environmentally friendly as possible. Learn how we do it.

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