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Taste Nirvana only uses natural coconuts from Thailand’s groves, with no bleaching.

Coconut water has a natural pH same as water (6.5 to 7), which is absolutely healthy to consume

All coconuts are all naturally grown. We encourage farmers to get certified by the USDA. However, it is a long process and rather expensive. Most of the farmers in Thailand are not willing to pay to get certified.

Coconut water is very hydrating and contains low calories, no fat, high potassium, and tons of electrolytes.

Please finish the Coconut Water as soon as possible after it’s been opened. It can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Absolutely! Our coconut water is processed in our manufacturing plant which produces coconut water products only, therefore the possibility of cross contamination with grain products is impossible.

Our products contain none of the above and no additives or preservatives. Many of our products are also verified by Non-GMO project.

Currently, we do not offer any discounts and coupons. However, every retail store has their own promotion. Please feel free to contact the stores around your area.

Whole Foods, Sprouts, Albertsons, TJ Max, Mother’s Market. Please, feel free click on the store locator page on our website.

Yes. You may purchase our products at amazon.com.

EAST – Tel: 800-877-8898
WEST : Tel: 800-679-6733
Harney & Sons (N.Y., East Coast) : Tel: 518-789-8100
Nature’s Best : Tel: 714-255-4600

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water is actually produced by our authentic, multi-generational, Thai family owned company – which has facilities located in the heart of Thailand’s coconut farmland (which is much farther north – above Bangkok, Thailand’s capital). This separate province we are located in – Nakhon Pathom – is renown in Thailand for producing the most fragrantly sweet coconuts (often reserved to produce coconut water) and is agriculturally developed with more modern quality farming practices that ensure human workers are properly compensated for their work. Taste Nirvana & our province’s farming partners do not use monkeys or children to harvest coconuts. We work closely with farming partners that value our highest standards, which contributes to our area by developing employment opportunities for the surrounding communities/families.

Here at Taste Nirvana, we use premium and pure glass bottles and BPA-Free aluminum cans. The reason behind using glass and BPA-Free cans is so our customers won’t get any aftertaste like you do from a tetra paper pak or steel cans.

The purpose of our packaging is to not distort the award-winning taste that sets us apart from others. We use the most premium, supreme varietal of naturally sweet coconuts called “Nam Hom” Thai coconuts for our coconut water.

We use a process called “Steam Sterilization” which is approved by the FDA. It is a combination of heat and pressure, which eliminates bacterias within the Coconut Water.

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